About Us

Eco Chopping Board General Information

  • Our chopping boards are a multipurpose item that can be used every day for cutting bread, meat, fruit and vegetables
  • Unique gift idea for any occasion
  • Majority of the timber we use is Camphor Laurel which is a sustainable resource from the NSW Northern Rivers area.  Camphor Laurel grows like a weed and helps the environment by its removal as our native trees, such as Cedar and Rosewood can then grow
  • We have a large range of sizes and if you cannot find one that suits you we will make it to order
  • Many chefs and restaurants use our chopping boards for food preparation, display and serving of food to the table. Our boards are used in many restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne and country NSW
  • Sizes and colour variations do occur with every board, each one is unique

Eco Chopping Board Uses and Ideas and why it is great as a gift

  •  Many of our chopping boards in our range fit over the sink creating additional bench area in the kitchen
  • As a gift these unique Australian cutting boards create an enduring memory.  Consider giving them for anniversary’s, weddings, party plan organisations, corporate gifts and even restaurant supplies
  • As a gift that lucky person can use the chopping board, feel it and look at the beauty of it and be reminded of you
  • As a gift for a special occasion the chopping board cannot be broken or easily misplaced. It is an enduring product bringing a lifetime of memories
  • We can make up sets of chopping boards matching grain on a small, medium and large board
  • End grain or Oblique Chopping Boards are handcrafted from solid pieces of log cut through at an angle

Why our boards are superior to others

  • 100% Australian grown and 100% Australian made
  • All our boards are handmade and of a very high quality control, throughout the manufacturing process
  • Camphor Laurel is naturally antibacterial
  • Family owned and operated in Byron Bay since 1991
  • All our timber has been kiln dried.  Kiln drying the timber ensures a more stable product reducing movement in the timber
  • Handles are plantation Rosewood timber  and is ecologically harvested
  • High quality product with friendly customer service and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Many imitations of our chopping boards, look for our logo for a guarantee of quality
  • Our chopping boards are made from a single piece of timber with only one join at the handle which is glued, screwed and dowelled

Eco Chopping Board Quality and Guarantee

  • We follow up all sales and enquires and keep you informed of how your order is progressing, often sending photos throughout production of special orders
  • Guarantee our product – if care instructions are followed and there is an issue we will fix the board or replace the board

Community Service

  • Free pick of timber off cuts and sawdust to locals throughout the year